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1 (2) بعض اسئلة كفايات المعلمين عام ١٤٤١هـ


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

بعض اسئلة كفايات المعلمين
عام ١٤٤١هـ

joining the initial part of word with the final part of another word to produce a
new word


The role playing is used in teaching which skill ?

The sociocultural perspective
1/ Chomsky
2/ Vygotsky✅

‎....... traveling to London with her husband next week :
‎- human - male - adult
‎+ human + male + adult
‎+human - male + adult✅
‎- human - male + adult

Amal.. ........cook dinner by the time we arrived.

A-Is preparing
C-has prepare
D-had prepare✅

All the following high thinking skills in Bloom taxonomy except:
List ✅

‎ Which of the following lesson plans is the correct order?
‎A) Lead in – feedback – activity
‎✅B) Lead in – activity – feedback
‎C) Peer check – lead in – activity
‎D) Activity – lead in – peer check

Minimal pairs ( sit -seat /eat -it /ship -sheep ) help the teacher in teaching :
1/ pronunciation✅
4/ reading

The part of speech of (at night)
1. Prepositional
2. Adverbial ✅

The performance of language is known as :

1. procedural knowledge✅
2. Declarative knowledge
3. Interpersonal knowledge
4. Interactive knowledge

The actual production of language?

1. Performance✅
2. Competence
3. Accuracy
4. Fluent

Successful ( ful)
is considered as:
1. derivational✅
2. Inflectional

Amanda is going to take the train (early tomorrow):
- adverb✅
- preposition
- adjective
- noun

‎Anxiety and self-restriction have an
‎ influence on learner's oral proficiency, these can be categorized as ........... factors
‎A) Cognitive
‎B) linguistic
‎C) Affective✅
‎D) social

The sound/ʃ/ is found in:


دور المعلم في المنهج التواصلي ... ( facilitator ) ميسر

أصل اللغة الانجليزية Germanic

Saud designed a quiz to test his students' to fill in the most appropriate word to make a meaningful paragraph. He deleted random words from the paragra the students provide their own. What type of test is this?
A) Word choice test
B) Antonyms test
C) Puzzle test
D) Cloze test✅

‎.................. is an activity where students collectively share their ideas before considering some of them more carefully.
‎A) Brainstorming✅
‎B) Summarizing
‎C) Evaluating
‎D) Planning

اختصار PPP
Presentation Practice Production

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